i often struggle to figure out what to call what i do creatively. is it really “art”? that word is so loaded. some of it is clearly more along the lines of “design,” but since i’m largely self-taught in that department, i feel like i’m frontin’ if i call myself a “designer.” much of what i do is diy – do it yourself, meaning, i learned how to do it either by just trial and error myself, doing it, or by googling it and watching how-to videos and then trying to emulate it. but i tend to shy away from the “self-taught” label in the art world because i did go to college and study art, graduating with a degree in art history and the equivalent of a minor in studio art. so i am privileged in that way. i did learn some basic art techniques in school. but that’s also lot different than going to actual art school or having any formal training as a graphic designer. so usually “diy art+design” is what i call what i do.

the most simple way to put it is… i make stuff. and when i’m not making stuff, i feel unfulfilled and not whole. like something’s missing. even if i’m not selling anything. even if no one else ever sees it. i think the process of making things, working with my hands, getting into that zone, is therapeutic to me and what my soul craves to feel alive. to feel human. it’s what i do to process my feelings, emotions, and the world around me. so in that way, i guess i am an artist.

sometimes i just design something, like a logo or a graphic, either by hand or by computer program, and then i have stickers or patches or hats or some other item of apparel or even weird stuff like mugs and pillows, made by someone else. usually some other company, like redbubble or teespring. but i created the design, the graphic or whatever it is, so it’s still my creation.

more often than not, i make something myself. i like to make things with my hands. i paint, sometimes in a folk art style, sometimes with spray paint in a graffiti style or with stencils in a street art style. sometimes i do mixed media like collages and assemblages. occasionally i’ll call them sculptures but mostly it’s just glueing stuff together. sometimes i print things, usually silkscreening at home in my kitchen, like t-shirts and paper prints. i used to be more of a “crafter” and sell stuff i made out at the art markets; now i mostly sell online via etsy and directly on facebook and instagram to my networks. occasionally i will have a little sale at home in the backyard. very very occasionally i get around to submitting something to an art show here in town, usually a canvas – i do hope to do more of that in the future but i’m bad about remembering deadlines.

i have a website.

i have an etsy shop.

i have a fb page for my art biz.

these are the places you can find much more info about what i make and sometimes sell.