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i haven’t used this webpage/blog since 2011 so i’ve decided to revamp it. i’m slowly making my way through the pages and will probably pick a new theme to freshen things up, so stay tuned.

wags by mags!


this is just a little update since i haven’t been doing much with this site to say that i am now trying to have more of a go at the dog-walking/pet-sitting biz. i have appropriately named it: wags by mags! (get it? my art biz is art by mags! and i once wrote a blog […]

obviously, i am still working on getting this thing together. so please be patient and check back in a few days to see if i’ve been productive. in the mean time, email me if there’s anything i can do for you. need a dog-walker or pet-sitter? how ’bout basic blog set-up (wordpress/blogger, etc.), a facebook […]