—> writing

from my first concert review of the indigo girls for vanderbilt university’s the hustler, to my stints as music editor for gay community newspaper impact news/new orleans and san franscisco’s progressive lesbian glossy girlfriends magazine, to being editor in chief at national dj bible dance music authority magazine, writing about music was a constant in my life for more than 20 years.

my work has appeared in numerous other print and online publications, from the advocate, alice magazine, and southern voice, to music.com, citysearch.com, dancemusic.com and many others. my last major post was at curve magazine, the nation’s best-selling lesbian publication, from 2004 – 2010, as their music reviews editor.

i’ve maintained a few personal blogs over the years, as well, including djmags.com (promotional site for my dj career that sported an all-inclusive blog) and stereohomo.com (a short-lived indie queer music blog), as well as the first iteration of my blogbymags on blogspot, which accompanied artbymags.com v1.0. (they are all now defunct.) artbymags.com v2.0 is my current blog about my art and crafty life. for a while i had a personal blog called thesearethethings.com, but i recently let that domain go because i never kept up with it. i also occasionally used to contribute to the group blog for the new orleans craft mafia, which no longer exists.

i loved livejournal for many years and kept a personal diary-like blog over there that was locked down mostly to other livejournal members; i recently deleted that now that it’s owned by the russians. but i did migrate my archives over to dreamwidth, an open-source online diary/blogging site that looks almost identical to livejournal and is serving that same community. i don’t write in it frequently but you can find me at orangegirrl_nola.

i don’t write professionally anymore, just for myself. which is why i’m updating this blog site. i hope to follow through this time and have another outlet for my writing.