—> production

as early as high school, i was always drawn to behind-the-scenes work, and loved being part of putting on a production, whether it was our school play or just a party at a friend’s house. in college at vanderbilt university, i became a campus radio dj (wrvu) and worked on the hospitality committee for our campus concert crew, as well as serving as the photo editor of the campus newspaper (the hustler) which often gave me behind-the-scenes access.

the dj thing kinda stuck, turning into a 15+ year career in new orleans that at its peak saw me traveling to spin at big events like the winter music conference, the michigan womyn’s music festival and the dyke march in new york city, as well as gigs in nashville, philadelphia, chicago and other cities.

the dj gig at the michigan womyn’s music festival led to a production job at the annual event, which i held for 20+ years. i worked set-up/strike, signz crew, and was the assistant coordinator in the one world area (running the media tent) for 15 years, overseeing all aspects of our mini film fest that’s part of the overall festival. i also curated the film programming each summer for the last 10 years of the festival. sadly, mwmf ceased operations after 40 years in 2015.

speaking of film fests, i also worked as the projectionist and publicist for the new orleans lgbtq film fest reel identities for several years. (it’s now defunct.) locally, i also volunteered for many years in the kids area at the new orleans jazz and heritage festival, mostly doing sign and set painting work.

but my interest in event production culminated between 2002 and 2005 with my own new orleans-based production company, girl gang productions. it was a co-op with two of my best friends, and for three years we produced and/or promoted punk, rock and folk shows, drag king performances, spoken word, performance art, and dance parties for the lgbtq underground community. in 2004, we received a “40 under 40” award for our work by the gambit.

the federal flood after hurricane katrina put an end to ggp, sadly, as i was dislocated to louisville, ky for three years. i briefly flirted with the idea of reviving it or doing some other sort of producing of women’s music here in new orleans, but once the pet biz blew up, i realized i just didn’t have the time anymore.