—> grassroots pr

through my activism and community work, i learned how to effectively get the word out about events and organizations i was working with, mostly through trial and error and largely by necessity, since they were all grassroots groups and didn’t have funding to hire a publicist. but i discovered i had a knack for it.

my writing experience made me good at crafting effective press releases and my artistic abilities made me good at designing eye-catching flyers. being an internet geek didn’t hurt, either. the more events i organized, the better i got at promoting them.

and then social media came along, which i took to instantly. first friendster, then myspace, and now facebook, flickr and twitter – i’m all over it. all became very valuable tools in marketing events and groups and projects i was involved in. and still are.

officially or unofficially, i have served as publicist and/or promoted events for: the lesbian & gay community center of new orleans, queer nation new orleans, charlene’s bar, lesbian avengers new orleans, reel identities lgbtq film festival, dyke march nola, girl gang productions, the louisville craft mafia, derby city roller girls, and the new orleans craft mafia.

i’m not currently doing any of this kind of work but did put those skills to use recently when helping to organize the J20NOLA anti-trump inauguration march in january 2016.