—> activism

one of my passions in life has been activism.

my first taste came in college at vanderbilt university, when i was part of a group of students who started the first lesbian and gay organization on campus, vanderbilt lambda. it was there that i first became aware of and got involved in act-up, a direct-action aids awareness group.

once in new orleans, post-college, after partaking in local anti-gulf-war demonstrations, i quickly became involved in a local chapter of the fledgling street activist group queer nation, which did direct actions to give voice to lgbtq concerns, as well as the new orleans chapter of act-up. a few years later, after attending the march on washington in 1993, i helped form a new orleans outpost of the lesbian avengers, also a direct action group working on lesbian visibility. in this same timeframe (early 90s), i was one of the founding organizers of the lesbian and gay community center of new orleans, and served on its first board of directors.

later, the momentum of the lesbian avengers would be picked up again by the new orleans dyke march, of which i was an integral member from 1998 through 2006. the group is now inactive.

for several years i was involved in a citizen activist group that was dreamt up by local bloggers, called rising tide. the group produced a once-a-year, one-day gathering that aimed to bring folks together to discuss the future of new orleans. it went on hiatus after 10 years and has not returned.

currently, i’m officially unaffiliated to any particular activist group, but i hit the streets any chance i get and have worked over the years with european dissent, a group of white people organizing for collective liberation from racism as part of a multiracial movement for a more just society. i support and network with: new orleans people’s assembly, take ’em down nola, women with a vision and breakOUT, among others.