about me

hi there. i’m mags. professionally known as margaret coble. full name margaret ann duclerc coble. the “margaret ann” – officially a compound first name that my mother gave me as a tribute to my grandmother on my dad’s side, who was margaret daniels coble – got shortened to margaret sometime when i was in high school… i just dropped the ann cuz i didn’t like having such a long name. too much of a mouthful for a kid and i was teased mercilessly about it. so i became just margaret. and i shifted the ann to be my middle name cuz it was shorter and just easier than “duclerc” which was my mother’s maiden name, the family name, of her family in brazil… who i no longer really had any connection to after she died. it wasn’t that i didn’t WANT to have connection, it’s just that as my teenage years went on and i got to college, i lost touch with the few relatives of hers that i’d met as a child and didn’t even know the names of most of my brazilian relatives. so i just ended up disconnected to them and to that name. i never had any of it legally changed, i just started writing it the way i wanted it on legal documents and it stuck.

(also, “mags” came about after i moved to new orleans. for a while in college, i was trying out “mag” – no “s” – as a nickname but it never really caught on. and then somehow, after moving to new orleans and starting to dj at the lesbian bar, after trying to be “dj mag,” which i guess never sounded right, folks just started calling me mags. and then dj mags. and i conceded that it was better than mag. and it stuck. i always hated all the conventional nicknames for the name margaret when i was growing up, so finally having a derivative that i could live with was a game changer for me. and i’ve been mags ever since. but, i’ll point out, i don’t usually use mags with my last name. if i’m using my last name, i use margaret. don’t know why, but it just doesn’t work for me to be mags coble. but since i don’t often use my last name, mags has been great because until very recently, it was not a very popular nickname for margaret and it’s only in the past year or two become more utilized. i have always joked that i was just mags, one name, like cher or madonna. lol)

i made this blog/website at a time in my life when i was trying to figure out how to reinvent myself, find something meaningful to do in the world, that would also pay me money. i was fresh out of a major relationship breakup, newly single, heartbroken, and broke. so it was originally styled as a longform resume to highly my experience and skills to help me get a job, and to promote all my side hustles to help me make money.

mostly it was a way for me to remember my skills and experience, my worth, stroke my ego and build back my self confidence. after my pet biz took off, i no longer really needed to find other hustles and this site went pretty dormant.

so. now i’m slowly revamping the site and will probably give it a new theme eventually to make it look fresh. but for now, i’m just going through and rewriting the pages i originally laid out. i might keep some of them with my resume info. but i think this will turn into more of a personal blog that i actually sign my name to.