wags by mags!


this is just a little update since i haven’t been doing much with this site to say that i am now trying to have more of a go at the dog-walking/pet-sitting biz. i have appropriately named it: wags by mags!

(get it? my art biz is art by mags! and i once wrote a blog called blogbymags! and when i dj’d i was djmags. and, well, i hope the wags part is self-explanatory, dogs and cats and all.)

i finally realized, after wracking my brain trying to come up with a clever, easily-brandable name for the pet biz and failing miserably, that i, myself, was the brand i’ve been cultivating all these years. i’ve lived in nola for 21 years now (well, minus the time spent in louisville, ky post-katrina) and have almost since the beginning of my time here used the nickname “mags” as both a personal and professional name, in all the various things i have done. and with all the various people i have known. and i have known and still know a LOT of people! so why not put that to use in the name of my newest venture?

i think and hope that people have a good association with me as mags. i think and hope they know me as a responsible, ethical person, and therefore i’d like to believe that they would be happy to have me care for their furry loved ones, their pets. i know it’s a gamble – i could have gone with something anonymous that was trendier or more corporate or businessy sounding. that maybe lent itself better to marketing or merchandising. or whatever. but like it or not, i’ve been building the mags brand for 20+ years here so i might as well keep on keepin’ on. and anyone who knows me knows i like to have a personal connection to everything i do. it’s just who i am and how i move in the world.

(yes, i know it’s a little narcissistic, but it is what it is. forgive me, i’m a leo.)

the website is up but it’s just a soft-launch for now. still have to come up with a logo and get biz cards made up. and figure out how to tie in my love of animals and desire to want to make a partial living caring for yours with my artwork and recent interest in doing pet pop art stencil portraits. so yeah. stay tuned.

in the mean time, lemme know if you need a dog-walker or someone to look in on your critters when you go out of town.

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